Monday, July 6, 2015

C is Three!

He's faster than a speeding bullet.  He's growing faster than his mom can wrap her head around. He talks and talk and talks and talks.  It's a bird. It's a plane.  No, it's our Colin bug, who is THREE!

We are as shocked as he is, apparently.  Most days, I still feel like a total newbie on the parenting front, and yet, here we are, celebrating Colin's third birthday.  Amazing.

We celebrated Mr. C's number three with some of our closest friends with kids (we have stopped subjecting most of our kid-free friends to children's birthday parties) and my mom came to join the festivities at the Little Beans Cafe Ice Cream Parlor. So not only did lucky C get a party (a week before the big day), he also got presents and pie on his real birthday and a preschool cookie celebration as well.  In true threenager fashion, much of the party was spent freaking out over lost balloons that floated into the sky, but once that settled, he had a blast.

Colin's birthday fell during the same weekend as our big move to the burbs, so the whole week filled with celebrations and packing was thoroughly chaotic. Such has been the Friedman life in 2015, it seems.  Lots of love and lots of craziness.  Happy happy birthday, my darling Colin monster.  I can't wait to see what is in store for the year to come!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Month Four for Asher Masher

Finally back here on the Friedbaby blog with a long overdue update, so without further ado, here is our cute little Asher Masher's fourth month, week by week.

Asher's fourth month was one fraught with nerves as we navigated the medical system and got his PHACE diagnosis. On week 13, all I wanted to write was "I have cysts in my brain" but it didn't seem frame-appropriate.  And it was a bit dramatic, given that we had virtually no information.  We spent the week dealing with little man's first cold on top of all the scary medical stuff, so no one got much sleep at all.  We started his propranolol that week, after a long day at Lurie, and we truly felt like the next day, you could already tell that it was working. It is a drug that is literally that amazing.  

Despite our best efforts, the transition to the crib has been a slow and bumpy one.  After two weeks of attempts, he was still napping mostly in the rock n play and sleeping the first stretch of the night in the crib but then we would give in and put him in the rocker so we could all get some much needed sleep.

It has been incredible to watch this guy grow grow grow.  At 15 weeks, he was already 15 pounds and completely transitioned to 6 month clothes.  It's hard not to compare him to Colin in so many ways, but size wise especially!  This little guy is a beast!

I feel like 16 weeks was a real transition point with Asher masher.  Up until this point, he would smile and coo at us a bit, but beginning around the 15-16 week mark, he really perked up, as though he realized the world was really interesting and he wanted to tell us all about all the exciting things he was absorbing from his surroundings.  His chatter got a ton louder, more complex and more explosive (aka - the pterodactyl effect).  He has started giggling when amused, which we have love love loved.

Watch out world - Asher decided it's time to get a movin' least a little.  He figured out how to roll from his front to his back and totally freaked himself out (and put a temporary stop to "tummy time" since he figured out how to escape from being stuck on his tummy - it has since become less novel and he doesn't flip as often).  He also started scooting and spinning while asleep in his crib, which has been mighty cute and irritating at the same time, since it has sabotaged our attempts to keep him swaddled at night (since he was at this point still completely unable to coexist with his arms in a sleeping state.

Finally, Asher is finally learning to ham it up in front of the camera - loving this "4 months" gem :)

We wrapped up the month with two more doctors visits - a follow up with ophthalmology and dermatology.  Thankfully, they both gave Asher glowing reports.  The hemangioma already is appearing less swollen, the drugs are doing their job and we are moving in the right direction, which is great!  We are so thankful that in the grand scheme of what could have come out of this diagnosis, Asher's case is as mild as they come.  And even though it was a week past the four month mark, I am happy to share that the following week we had our appointment with the neurologist, who essentially told us that while we will need to monitor his development more closely than your average baby, he does not expect that Asher will see any impact from the brain cysts or arterial malformations.  While we might need to be more cautious with regard to which sports he plays, long term we shouldn't expect much beyond the increased risk of migraines and any other potential red flag issues will be easily detected once he is old enough for regular MRIs without sedation.  Because of the sedation required, we aren't going to do imaging again for 2-3 years unless there are issues that warrant a scan, and in the meantime, we'll be checking in for follow up visits every 6 months or so.

Thank you so much to everyone who has checked in with us about all that has transpired with Asher's health.  Your support means the world to us.

And sorry I haven't updated the blog to fill you in for so that both boys are actually sleeping semi-predictably at night, I can actually resume some semblance of regular writing again over here (I can tell by the number of page visits that some of you may have been checking over here for an update, since there is no way 900 people actually read this little family blog). XOXO 

Because I'm playing catch up...A at 3 months

Here is our darling Asher bug at 3 months old.  On his 3 month "birthday" he was put under general anesthesia for his MRI (the pic was taken a few days later - the mamarazzi had to cut him some slack), and suffice it to say, we didn't have much time to think about photos or the blog.  Thankfully, all has since calmed, and we can happily reflect on what a trooper of a baby our little Asher pants was.

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