Thursday, December 18, 2014

Happy Holiday Fun and 35 weeks

It's the holiday season over here at the Friedbaby household.  After nine holiday seasons of me requesting that David take me to see Zoolights, we finally made it!  The tricky part of Zoolights with a toddler is...everything.  The crazy crowds, the limited parking nearby, the hour - creeping really close to dinner and bedtime, and did I mention the crowds?  Colin wanted to run and chase, and it seemed like everyone in the city was in his way.  He didn't care one bit, but it made keeping track of him quite the challenge (clearly that is a daddy job, since I am waddling pretty darn slowly these days.  I stayed on stroller/stuff duty).  Also, Colin wanted to hug all the lit-up animal displays, which is tricky since touching the lights themselves is frowned upon.  Still, we managed to get some really cute pictures.


This year is the first Hanukkah that Colin is truly understanding.  He has been reading Hanukkah books all month, and they are learning all about it at preschool.  So when the first night came, he was very excited to play dreidel (especially since I found SPORTS dreidels at Target - toddler mind blown) and light the menorah (even if he tries to blow out the candles...still working on this...).  And he has been requesting chocolate gelt quite a bit since he tried his first one.

Colin still seems genuinely surprised by the idea of presents, and isn't super materialistic when it comes to "wanting" and "needing" them, so it's all-the-more exciting to watch his face light up with the excitement of gifts. We got a $20 coffee table and converted it into a train table, which I am hoping will keep him occupied during the long winter months with a newborn in the house.

And finally, I am one day shy of 35 weeks pregnant.  To say that I'm feeling large and in charge is an understatement.  I am huge and uncomfortable and feeling like starting a countdown to my due date, even though I know that there is quite the chance of being late again, and I learned my lesson last time.  Sometime before February 6th, this baby has to come out, so I'm exercising my patience skills. This baby is having a grand old time learning how to bounce around and stretch in utero, so my stomach is in all states of weird these days - you can feel (and often see) little hands and feet and tush bulging out on all sides.  Happily though, the midwife double checked and his head is just where it is supposed to be - down - so hopefully we'll see it in person sometime soon.

How I'm really feeling most of the time

And finally, another Friedbaby note regarding a big milestone.  Colin is officially potty trained (or at least training - I think this is a process, more than a completed accomplishment).  We brought out the big guns over Thanksgiving weekend (mini-marshmallows and chocolate chippies), and Colin has really impressed us with how awesome he is doing in big-boy underwear.  He is happily going #1 and #2, and will even hop on the potty in public or at other people's homes.  No accidents at preschool yet, and only one every few days otherwise with us.  I feel like he is just less and less our little baby, and more and more a big kid.  I'm embracing his little speech quirks ("mines" and "brefkast") that remind me that he is still a learning little dude, because before I blink, I feel like he won't need me so much anymore.

Cutest tush ever in his big boy Spiderman underpants!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fun times in fall and 30-something weeks!

Hello, hello, Friedbaby friends!  Sorry for the silence over the past few weeks.  As you can see, I've spent the past four weeks growing at a rapid pace.  The belly is getting B.I.G.  These pics were taken when I was 30 and a half weeks, give or take (poor second child...weeks, schmeeks).  Now that I'm creeping up on 32 weeks, I glanced at the one and only pregnancy app floating on page two of my iPhone apps and realized that there are less than 60 days til my due date.  Holy moly.

We've had an exciting few weeks with lots of guests (my parents, my cousin Josh, the whole Craddock family, and my sister) in the span of two weeks.  Now we are gearing up for some peace and quiet that will come as a welcome break, despite all the amazing fun we've had...although I'm sure Colin will miss all the fun "chase" partners and playmates.  Don't worry little man.  In about 18 months, you'll have a new buddy who will be learning to chase you around non-stop.  First though, he just needs to be born and get through the baby stage.  Patience, Colin-san.

Colin very clearly understands (or at least can recite) that he is going to bee a big brother and that the baby is growing in mommy's belly.  He knows that babies cry a lot, because that is how they tell us what they need. Oh, and when I asked him, he said we should name him Biscuit.  I think not. 

Thank heavens for Daniel Tiger, who is teaching him all sorts of helpful hints, like "being a big brother means being a big helper" and "there's time for you and baby too".  I'm guessing those will be on repeat quite a bit once C's little world is rocked.  In the meantime, he is more than happy to give the baby hugs and kisses in my belly, which melts our hearts.

My greatest wish is that Jacey and Aaron were still living here, since it would give Colin some seriously hands-on experience with a baby (you know, if he could go more than 10 minutes between gross illnesses that he collects at preschool).  Jacey was due 10 weeks before me, so if you do the math, she's now negative one weeks pregnant (aka lucky duck! no longer pregnant! and she has the cutest little guy ever!).  

As we come up on the Thanksgiving holiday, I feel so thankful to have such an incredible family - a caring, thoughtful and loving husband, a spunky and imaginative toddler and this bun in the oven who we will meet in a couple short months. Blogging day-to-day has been tough, because I can't lie - the days are long, I'm rarely comfortable, and my patience is wearing thinner by the day.  But the big picture - when I look at the big picture, I can't even put into words how lucky and how blessed I am.


And now, because I know it isn't just this big-ole-bump and my ramblings you came here to see, here is some Colin-related cuteness to fill your cute-o-meter for the day.  First up, some cute photos from one of the last park-worthy days before the weather got stupid-cold.

We had a ton of fun with Steph, Justin, Casey, Carolyn and Cody.  Colin and Cody chased each other all over the Field Museum, pressing every button on every display, while the rest of us enjoyed the actual content.  

After a long day of fun, between the museum, tacos, playing and pizza making, the boys definitely needed a bath.  Too, too cute.

And that's all for now.  I am visiting the midwife every other week now, and so far, all is thoroughly uneventful, so I doubt there will be anything too newsworthy to post over here for a couple of weeks.  
Wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving!


Friday, October 17, 2014

26 weeks!!

Holy moly friends!  I can't believe how the end of summer and beginning of fall have flown.

In the past couple months, we have:

Gotten Colin totally acclimated to and thoroughly loving preschool!  After a challenging transition at the beginning, now I just send Colin running into the classroom to his loving and fabulous teachers, Angelica and Susan.  He loves carrying his backpack, and he is constantly telling us all about his buddies and his fun exploits at PRESCHOOOL!

Taken a romantic getaway in Maine and New Hampshire.  It was awesome, until my morning sickness reincarnated itself, this time by way of a chocolate intolerance that sends me puking.  WTF, baby?!

Picked a zillion apples and ate a zillion apples. There were pumpkins involved, but mostly lots and lots and lots of apples. Colin loved it. We did too.

Celebrated Rosh Hashanah here in Chicago, and as Colin likes to say it, "we shimmied at the synagogue for Rosh Hashanah."  Colin had strep and hand-foot-mouth, and yet we made it to temple where the kids service had David and Colin dancing and jamming to the shofar.  We also road tripped to Ohio for Yom Kippur, enjoying what might be our last schlep to Ohio before the arrival of this next munchkin, since long stretches sitting in a car seem not to agree with this fetus either.  

Snuck off for a mid-week day trip to Madison for Jacey's big 3-0, which was, as you can guess, heavenly.  If only we had recaptured the cuteness of our ever-growing bumps, which are indeed getting bigger and closer to eviction day.

Took a whirlwind solo trip to Fishkill, New York to officiate Amy and Josh's amazing lovefest of a wedding.  It was amazing, I learned that I could potentially have a second career as a justice of the peace, and I was so glad to be there to help unite two wonderful people in marriage (even if they did do the legal part of it earlier - I'm not ordained as Rabbi Rachel or Reverend Rachel).

Oh yeah, and I am cooking a baby.  And hence, growing bigger by the day.  We are 26 weeks in, just one week from the third trimester.  I started seeing a physical therapist a couple months ago, which has been life altering because it is making huge improvements for my back, which does not seem to be appreciating my expanding waistline.  So for those who don't get to see me waddle in person, here are some cute photos of the bump.

Thankfully, from the front, it's barely visible!

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