Friday, July 25, 2014

The Bump Debut

When I was pregnant, I took a series of blurry, crappy iPhone photos documenting my bump as it grew.  This time around, I have a much nicer camera and a set of skills to actually use it.  So it only seemed right to turn on the DSLR and take a much improved set of bump photos this time around (especially since once this baby actually arrives, I will probably never have the time to use the camera again!).

I never got around to taking a "before" picture like I did with Colin - in fact, this time around I was so nervous about jinxing anything that I waited until today, the official first day of my second trimester, to take the first of my bump photos.  I am hoping to do this once a month or so between now and my due date.

I set up my camera on a tripod with the detachable flash pointed to the ceiling, and then set the 5 second timer and jetted in front of camera, and bam!

Totally forgot about focus.  Yikes.  Blurry, indeed. It is pure silhouette, since all the details are out of focus.  However, this one might still be my favorite, and I will probably take one like this every time I take bump photos.  
Anyways, once I finally solved that problem, here is my fourteen week bump!

This time around, my bump is certainly more prominent (aka MUCH BIGGER) than it was last time around.  From straight on, it isn't super obvious, but when I turn sideways, it is very clear that there is a little person growing in there. Wowzers.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Feeling the love and summer photo blast

Thank you so much to everyone for the warm well-wishes on this new adventure as we move toward becoming a family of four.  We are feeling very lucky these days.

Since I have been a bit absent over here at The Friedbaby, I thought I would share a smattering of cute pictures from the past few months to catch you up, and today I will be sharing some serious cuteness from this summer, most from our recent trip to Hilton Head Island.

These first few are actually from the Crown Family Farm Party - we had a blast out in the suburbs showing Colin a real live dairy farm, complete with cows, pony rides, face paint, and an epic mess of ice cream cone consumption.  So so cute.

While it wasn't quite Friedbaby related, the main reason for the trip to Hilton Head was the wedding of two fabulous people - the newlywed Candun and Shannon Griffin.  We were so lucky to join Lawrence and Bo as the only non-family guests invited to the beach ceremony, which was so beautiful.  

The bonus of the trip was that we made it a full-blown week-long vacation, brought Colin along and the rest of the Friedman/Craddock clan scheduled their beach vacation for the same trip.  This meant that we got a ton of awesome family time as well!

It was so adorable watching Colin discover his love for the water.  This trip finally lit the fire under our butts to register Colin for swim lessons (which start this weekend) - although he was great with no floaties AND with the awesome puddle-jumper floatie that the Craddocks so graciously passed down to him (huge win - best invention ever!).  We loved hanging at the beach with the fam, playing at the pool in our complex, checking out the seafood restaurants on the island, visiting the lighthouse at Sea Pines, seeing Shannon Tanner's kids concert, frolicking with the cousins in the splash pad and more.

It's amazing that summer has been flying by as fast as it has.  Watching Colin grow makes me want to stop the clock sometimes and just freeze him at this stage - he is curious, adventurous and loves trying all things new. I can only hope we can pack even more fun into his last summer as the only child.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

And then there were four...

Hey there friends and Friedbaby followers.  Once upon a time, back on New Years day, I posted on this lovely blog that I was hoping to post on this blog more frequently in the coming year.  And now, in the middle of July, I am following up with my next post.  So yeah, please excuse my colossal under-delivery on that promise. I have discovered that sometimes, life truly does get in the way.    

(If you are craving updates, I've posted quite a bit on Hellobee.  Some highlights, including my Colin bi-monthly updates, are here, here, here, here, here and here.)

Make a wish...

Anyways, I am back here typing away on the Friedbaby blog, coming back to the very reason we started in back in 2011.  Because we have NEWS!  Because after a bumpy journey getting to this point, David, Colin, Kenzie and I are thrilled to share with our friends that I am pregnant, and we will be adding another little Friedbaby to our family at the end of January.  

We are truly over the moon (although Colin and Kenzie don't quite understand yet, but they'll figure it out by the time I'm big as a house). While I thought about taking some precious photo of Colin in a big brother shirt (or any of the fabulous Pinterest-worthy creative announcement ideas...), I realized that we hadn't ever posted C's two year pictures (because they were taken in my first trimester, and so many of them already were revealing the little tell-tale bump I am brewing), so these adorable pictures of our current family of three are more than enough for now.  And since it isn't quite fall, I feel no guilt not carving up another round of pumpkins this time.

(Thank you Kristin for these great pics)

So if you've gotten this far, and you're still reading, here is the scoop on this pregnancy so far. 

1)  Whereas with Colin, I was just a walking lethargic zombie, this time around I have been blessed with fatigue and morning sickness (minimal actual vomit, just lots of awesome nausea).  Of course, feeling like crap is amazingly reassuring when you're worried about the well-being of the little bean growing in there, but at this point, I am ready for it to lay up (are you listening baby??).  

Last time, I didn't have many strong feelings about food, but this time, I am insanely sensitive to smells and very often, nothing sounds like it will taste good. I have eaten more fast food than I would care to admit, and we have seen a large uptick in dessert consumption in our house. Even drinking water makes me sick sometimes, so it's been an interesting couple months.  Whatever gets me through the day is my motto.

Poor Colin has survived this stage with lots of "playing under the covers" - aka playing while I lay in bed - and excessive media consumption (thank you Frozen g-ds for making my child obsessed with you...and also, I kind of hate you too).  

2)  Yes, we are definitely going to find out what we are having again.  We don't have any strong feelings or desires with regard to sex/gender, and our only hunch is that because it is such a different pregnancy, perhaps there is a little girl in there.  But alas, time will tell.  We should find out mid-September, so stay tuned.

3)  This time around, I am "showing" sooooo much sooner than with C.  As in, the day I found out I was pregnant, I shouldn't have been surprised, because I looked it.  Now at 13 weeks, I look so so so much further along.  It's been a miracle that I haven't been called out my more people - thank goodness for very loose and baggy shirts.

4)  We are so, so, so thrilled to finally be sharing this news with you.  I look forward to updating this blog more often than every six months with news of our growing family.  

Baby's first picture
(at least the first one that looks remotely like a baby)

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