Friday, October 17, 2014

26 weeks!!

Holy moly friends!  I can't believe how the end of summer and beginning of fall have flown.

In the past couple months, we have:

Gotten Colin totally acclimated to and thoroughly loving preschool!  After a challenging transition at the beginning, now I just send Colin running into the classroom to his loving and fabulous teachers, Angelica and Susan.  He loves carrying his backpack, and he is constantly telling us all about his buddies and his fun exploits at PRESCHOOOL!

Taken a romantic getaway in Maine and New Hampshire.  It was awesome, until my morning sickness reincarnated itself, this time by way of a chocolate intolerance that sends me puking.  WTF, baby?!

Picked a zillion apples and ate a zillion apples. There were pumpkins involved, but mostly lots and lots and lots of apples. Colin loved it. We did too.

Celebrated Rosh Hashanah here in Chicago, and as Colin likes to say it, "we shimmied at the synagogue for Rosh Hashanah."  Colin had strep and hand-foot-mouth, and yet we made it to temple where the kids service had David and Colin dancing and jamming to the shofar.  We also road tripped to Ohio for Yom Kippur, enjoying what might be our last schlep to Ohio before the arrival of this next munchkin, since long stretches sitting in a car seem not to agree with this fetus either.  

Snuck off for a mid-week day trip to Madison for Jacey's big 3-0, which was, as you can guess, heavenly.  If only we had recaptured the cuteness of our ever-growing bumps, which are indeed getting bigger and closer to eviction day.

Took a whirlwind solo trip to Fishkill, New York to officiate Amy and Josh's amazing lovefest of a wedding.  It was amazing, I learned that I could potentially have a second career as a justice of the peace, and I was so glad to be there to help unite two wonderful people in marriage (even if they did do the legal part of it earlier - I'm not ordained as Rabbi Rachel or Reverend Rachel).

Oh yeah, and I am cooking a baby.  And hence, growing bigger by the day.  We are 26 weeks in, just one week from the third trimester.  I started seeing a physical therapist a couple months ago, which has been life altering because it is making huge improvements for my back, which does not seem to be appreciating my expanding waistline.  So for those who don't get to see me waddle in person, here are some cute photos of the bump.

Thankfully, from the front, it's barely visible!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The results are in, and it's a....


This Monday, I had my anatomy scan, where they measure everything from the baby's brain to its heart to it's arms, legs, hands and feet and everything in between.  It was amazing to see all those things growing inside my belly - even though this isn't our first rodeo as far as the whole "growing a baby" thing goes, it was no less incredible and miraculous.  And yet again, it kind of grossed David out.  

Anyways, it was about an hour long, and we got to hear from the ultrasound tech that everything was growing and developing exactly as it should be.  So yay!  And then finally, at the very end, she asked if we wanted to know what we were having, which of course we totally did.

Lo and behold, it's another little DUDE!  Colin is going to be a big brother to a little brother!

I'm not going to lie - I am a bit intimidated by the future grocery bills, the rough-housing and the sheer amount of baseball and football I will be watching, outnumbered 3:1 over here, but truly, the idea of raising brothers who will hopefully grow to be super close outweighs all of it.  Plus if this little guy is nearly as sweet as his older brother, I will be spoiled rotten with hugs and kisses from two little men.

Since seeing my growing belly (20 weeks) isn't nearly as exciting as seeing the little dude growing inside it, here are a couple ultrasound pics for your viewing pleasure.  

Profile pic turned sideways

The spine - so crazy, right?!

I'd love any advice from moms of 2+ boys! We can't wait to meet this little guy at the end of January.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

18 weeks + 28 weeks = Pregnant BFFs

This weekend, Jacey and Aaron came to visit at the tail end of their month of freedom before Aaron starts his second year of business school at UW-Madison. We had a ton of fun, and it was awesome being able to celebrate my last week of my twenties with them!

I can't tell you how excited I am that I get to be pregnant at the same time as my best friend.  She is going to be the best mama, and she is seriously glowing as she enters her 3rd trimester - she is the cutest preggo ever (especially with the glam humidity-fueled curls!).

Since neither of us knows yet what we are having, it's too soon to say whether these kids will be destined to be besties or betrothed, but I am certain that they will be close no matter what.

Thanks Aaron for indulging us and helping with our silly photo session.  Seriously can't wait to meet these babies!

Kenzie did NOT love being left out of the fun, so we let her come visit with the gummy bear and Snart (the babies current nicknames).

Two and a half more weeks until we find out if this gummy bear will be a boy or a girl - can't wait!  Until then, the primary excitement around here revolves around lots and lots of visiting family (Aunt Katie is coming home, grandma is coming in, and Colin's Pap-pap and Uncle Cam are visiting too).  It will be an activity-filled couple weeks!
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