Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Week Two as Four (plus weekly photos #1 and 2)

Our second week as a family of four was significantly mellower than our first.  My parents, father in law and the rest of our visitors left, and we were lucky that my mother-in-law, Debbie, was able to stick around and help for a few days.  We were especially lucky in that regard because after everyone else departed, we got an insane 18+ inches of snow, and basically spent the next four days snowed into the apartment.  Now, if it had just been me and Colin, I probably would be ready to lose my mind.  Add a newborn baby, and it just amplified the undesirable-ness of being trapped indoors with a toddler (since that toddler slowly lost all ability to listen)...because, you know, sleep deprivation doesn't lead to excessive patience on my part.  It was amazing having another adult ally in the house so we could divide and conquer while David was at work, and I'm not going to lie, we watched quite a bit of TV (which Colin didn't mind a bit).

Best pooper in the house - Asher, week one

Colin wanted to get in on the weekly photo action

The extent of our outdoor ventures was to go out on a snowy walk to the ATM just for the sake of getting Colin out of the house to get some much needed fresh air and exercise.  The snow piles were taller than he was!  The next day, Asher and I had our maiden voyage with the Ergo to go pick him up from preschool on foot since we couldn't get the car out of its' snowed in spot.

The rest of our week continued to be super duper mellow.  We were sad to say goodbye to Debbie on Wednesday, after she helped us finally make our first big snowy car outing to gymnastics.  And then we continued to marathon watch (and rewatch and rewatch) The Incredibles for the rest of the week. 

Asher had his 2 week appointment at the pediatrician, where he crushed the scales at a whopping 8 pounds 5 ounces.  The pediatrician was actually concerned he was gaining too fast (not like I could stop him - he is extremely efficient in the nursing department, crushing milk like it's his job (which it is)).  Absolutely excellent bill of health for the little man.

8 pounds 5 ounces - Asher, week two

Asher's bris and first ever play date

Just eight short (and yet loooong) days after Asher's birth, we invited 30 of our closest friends and family members over for a party to celebrate A's first major medical procedure.  Poor kid.  We were so blessed to have so many special family members come in for the bris, from Cleveland, Columbus and St. Louis.

Asher, meet Gigi, your biggest fan

This time around, we employed a different mohel, Dr. David Oppenheim.  By day, he is a pediatrician in the burbs, and he handles the bris procedure a bit differently than his local counterparts.  When all of our guests were arriving, David and I were in the bedroom where Dr. Dave did the majority of the procedure, up to the point of the clamp. This meant that as opposed to Colin's bris, where I was able to look away for the entire thing, this time around, David and I were the ones holding the gauze with wine in Asher's mouth and sitting with him while the mohel did most of the procedure.  And oh, did he wail.  It sucked.  However, it made the ceremonial part very quick and easy, and Dr. Oppenheim was great to work with, allowing us to customize the ceremony and include some special readings by family members.  Plus, because we had already endured all of the pre-ceremony hysterics, I didn't even weep like a hot mess during the bris ceremony itself.

The mohels with the two grandpas, getting ready for the tough jobs

Me, bringing the baby in for the ceremony

Asher on the chair of Elijah

The business portion of the ceremony.  Poor kid (and poor Alan)

Post snip soothing

The whole event was a bit less emotionally charged, partially because this wasn't our first rodeo, and partially because his first name isn't "after" anyone.  Asher's middle name, Isaac, is after David's grandfather, with whom he was especially close.  David shared a bit about his grandpa Israel, and I was able to share that we named him Asher partially because of my hormonal brain that just got stuck on the name, fell in love with it and had trouble imagining him with any other name, and partially because of the beautiful meaning.  Asher means happiness, and we can only hope that he brings that and more to our family, his friends and the world around him.    

Many thanks to the grandparents and the Aizen clan for helping us prepare all the food for the bris (and to Aunt Cindy, who also brought food for a big family dinner that night), and to all of our friends who came to support us and baby Asher.

And one last thing...one of the best parts of the bris weekend was the surprise visit of Asher's first non-relative friend. Baby Miles and his mama came in for a whirlwind 24 hour visit that made our day. Asher's first "play date" was a resounding success.  They sat, they napped, they ate, they cried.  It was basically perfect. Thanks Jacey and Miles for coming - we love you.

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