Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014 - shoveling and a resolution

Last year, I created an ambitious set of 13 goals for myself.  Some I conquered (baking from scratch!), some I completely failed (I am sure you can guess...nail biting...), and some are still a work in progress (um, nearly everything else?).  What I think I have learned is that setting too many goals allows far too many of them to fall by the wayside.  Being specific can be effective, but can make you feel like far more of a failure than necessary when you fall short.

This year, I am going simple: take better care of myself. Of course, this is multi-faceted.  Being the best "me" I can be means taking care of my health, my happiness, my marriage, my happiness in my work - aka being the best caretaker and mom I can be, and more.

This year, there will be no book quota, no workout minimums, no tally of ounces of water consumed, meals cooked, or date nights scheduled. Don't get me wrong - I hope to do all these things. I may not run a speedy 5K, but I will run - or at least get my butt to the gym. I plan to continue our new tradition of fabulous gourmet date nights in, but whether they are weekly or monthly, I just don't care.  As long as we are dating, at home or out of the town, I will be happy.  I may or may not quit biting my nails, but I will try!

I want to continue to cultivate my hobbies.  I will read, and I'm sure I'll be crafty, whether with my scrapbooking or other fun projects (with Colin, even!).  This year, I will complete my certificate in photography and practice A LOT; I've toyed with wanting to do a Project 365 (shooting every day), but again, I don't want to set myself up to fail.  As many days as I can, I will.  And perhaps (perhaps!), I will dabble in photographing people who don't live under my own roof - maybe even for a fee!  But if that doesn't happen this year, that is okay. Honestly, living with a ever-changing toddler has made me realize that childhood flies by in a blink, and being present and living in the moment is okay, even if it means that my business ambitions move at a turtle's pace.

As a mom, I hope to cultivate my patience, something that I once confidently claimed to have a ton of, only to find that Colin is slowly becoming a master in depleting my patience reserves with his toddler tantrums. This year will be a year of picking battles in the parenting department, and my battle with myself with be patience - the battles I will pick with Colin, well, time will tell (toddler are HARD).

There you have it.  My 2014 goal: taking better care of myself.  Oh, that and posting more often on this blog!

And with that, I leave you with a couple of very cute photos of Colin "shoveling" the snow this morning.  He loves being daddy's helper, and since it snowed about a zillion inches today, he had a lot to help with!

PS.  Colin's gloves are pink with hearts.  David HATES them, but alas, I could not find one single pair of toddler snow mittens for boys anywhere in this friggin city.  Nowhere.  So when I stumbled upon the very last pair of mittens at Kohl's, I got them.  Sorry Friedman, warm hands trump macho manliness.

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