Friday, July 25, 2014

The Bump Debut

When I was pregnant, I took a series of blurry, crappy iPhone photos documenting my bump as it grew.  This time around, I have a much nicer camera and a set of skills to actually use it.  So it only seemed right to turn on the DSLR and take a much improved set of bump photos this time around (especially since once this baby actually arrives, I will probably never have the time to use the camera again!).

I never got around to taking a "before" picture like I did with Colin - in fact, this time around I was so nervous about jinxing anything that I waited until today, the official first day of my second trimester, to take the first of my bump photos.  I am hoping to do this once a month or so between now and my due date.

I set up my camera on a tripod with the detachable flash pointed to the ceiling, and then set the 5 second timer and jetted in front of camera, and bam!

Totally forgot about focus.  Yikes.  Blurry, indeed. It is pure silhouette, since all the details are out of focus.  However, this one might still be my favorite, and I will probably take one like this every time I take bump photos.  
Anyways, once I finally solved that problem, here is my fourteen week bump!

This time around, my bump is certainly more prominent (aka MUCH BIGGER) than it was last time around.  From straight on, it isn't super obvious, but when I turn sideways, it is very clear that there is a little person growing in there. Wowzers.


  1. You're such a goofball... Love this blog! Can't believe the "bump" already. Loooove the first pic too.

    1. Thanks Kim! Loved facetiming with you and E this morning <3


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