2013 Goals

I am, and have always been a resolution girl.  Not that I've ever been all that good at keeping them all but I always try.  David and I have been discussing our resolutions during the last week of December every year for the past decade.  And some on my list remain the same while others vary from year to year.  

This year, I am changing it up a little, by setting some tangible goals for myself for 2013.  Thirteen of them to be exact.  While some are not truly quantifiable or easily measured, many are, and I think that will help in the long run when it comes to accomplishing them!

The first two of these - drinking more water and nail biting - are my reoccurring resolutions.  I have tried and failed with both of these more times then I care to admit.  This year, with my handy Bain water bottle and weekly manicures in my future, I'm hoping to address them both.  As for the 5K, I've only attempted a 5K once before, and I finished it, albeit very slowly.  I'm hoping that by setting a speed goal, it will motivate me to a) run (especially when it's a bit warmer because being outside is wayyy better than on a treadmill) and b) run faster!  I am soooo slow!

The recipe challenges have already begun - you saw photos of the Beef Wellington extravaganza on New Years Eve, and you can expect to hear more about my culinary adventures on the blog.  The second "Home" goal is about making our home more of a Jewish home.  Since I'm no longer "doing Jewish" at work everyday, I think it's important to infuse Judaism into our lives in other ways, and you will hear more about that down the line too!

Now that I'm home with Colin on a day-to-day basis, I have found that I need to be much more proactive about seeing friends, making friends and making sure that David and I are still "dating", something we've always valued in our marriage.  I will confess that although I can be an extremely social person, I can have hermit-like tendencies.  It's not that I don't like being out and about with friends - it's just that I can also be totally happy holed up at home.  This year, I'll work on it :)

The big one on this list is the first - being patient and present.  Patience is something that I'm fairly good at but still need to work on, especially when days seem to veer off course or Colin is in a mood.  Being present is a challenge for all moms I think.  Whether it's being distracted by the iPhone or wishing for the next milestone to be reached, I find that I have to consciously remind myself to enjoy the moment with Colin.  Rather than waiting for him to crawl, I can revel in his adorable scooting and appreciate that he needs my help getting around.  Instead of saying how much I wish he could use his words to tell me what he needs, I can appreciate the adorable babbling noises he makes.  Be patient.  Be present.

Finally, a few fun projects for me.  I'm so lucky to have the best husband ever who got me a Canon Rebel T3i camera for my birthday/anniversary/Hanukkah/everything gift.  I have no clue how to get the most out of it, but this year I'll learn.  And I'll read something other than The Wonder Weeks, sleep books and parenting manuals.  And now that I (hopefully) have more time for me, I'll get back to my pre-baby goal of actually finding a way to make money doing what I love - crafting.

I hope you'll enjoy hearing about my journey in 2013.  These 13 goals will keep me busy (and hopefully hydrated) for the next twelve months, and I look forward to sharing the journey with you!

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